Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day Fifty One 2011

We had to scrap our plans to take the Grandpeeps roller skating again today since their parents came back from their trip earlier than we expected. Daughter Kelly and I took granddaughter Shelby for a quick trip to Dolce Cafe. Shelby had never been there before. She got some hot chocolate and loved it. Snapped this pic of her with my cell phone camera in the Solaris color setting. Isn't that the look of love? Dolce Cafe does have very tasty drinks. Nice way to end our weekend together. Now, look out, here comes Monday.


Ann said...

Cool picture of Shelby poo! Glad you got to have your Grand peeps and Kelly for the weekend. Hope Holly and Jerry had fun in Tunica :0)

Jane said...

Love this picture of Shelby! Looks like her hair has been highlighted! :)

Kelly said...

Glad we got to grab a quick cup-a-joe! I needed it for the ride home. Too bad we didn't get to skate, maybe next time! Had fun hangin with the peeps! :o)