Friday, February 25, 2011

Day Fifty Six 2011

Self portrait of me, freezing at the Nashville Flea Market this afternoon. Would loved to have had my scarf and gloves.

I like old cameras. Guess I've always had the picture-takin bug.

Saw lots of weird things at the flea market--like deer heads in a wash tub. It's sad to me that these once beautiful animals ended up like this. I'm guessing they came from an estate sell.

Old dolls always creep me out for some reason. I think it's the staring, glazed-over eyes. This was a ventriloquist's puppet, which will probably haunt my dreams tonight. Neil and I always find interesting stuff at the flea market. Looks like it will continue at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds for all of this year. We hope the city or the state comes through and saves the place.


Ann said...

Glad you guys had fun at the flea market today! Sorry Neil locked the keys in the truck :( My favorite picture is the deer heads in the wash tub. Sick, but I love it!

Kelly said...

Your creepy flea market pic will be giving me nightmares about deer killing dolls!
Thanks again for dinner and had tons of fun waiting on the locksmith! :o)

Jane said...

I always enjoy your flea market pics. Some creepy stuff there. Deer heads! Ventriloquist's puppets - I hate those things! Seen too many scary shows/movies about them!