Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day Fifty Three 2011

Grand daughter Shelby brought in a little tomato from her school lunch today. She thought it was cute. I was playing around with my macro lens for my cell phone camera and took this picture of her tomato. Up close and personal. This one is for my sister, Ann, who can't wait for spring so she can plant her garden. At lunch today, she was saying that it's almost time for tomatoes. And BLTs!


Jane said...

Yummy little tomato! I can't wait until Ann plants her garden! :)

Ann said...

That picture looks good enough to eat! With a little salt of course. Can't wait to plant tomatoes, and of course you guys will be getting lots of those red globes of goodness :0)

Kelly said...

BLT's!!!!! My mouth is watering! Hurry Spring!!!