Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day Eighty Nine 2011

Grand daughter Shelby is stylin in her Vera Bradley dress that she got at TJ Maxx. She noticed the designer name on the dress because it's the same designer name on her glasses. She's pretty style-conscious at the age of nine. When I was nine, I somehow had clothes on my body and wore some hand-me-downs from older girl cousins. Now my daily uniform is the usual T shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. I guess I should let Shelby teach me a thing or two. But I'm probably beyond any help in that area.


Jane said...

Shelby styling in her Vera Bradley! I was never style-conscious, either, but of course it wouldn't have done any good - couldn't afford it! :) Go, Shelb!

Ann said...

Shelb is looking hip in her Vera Bradley dress! What Jane said about being style-concious :0) We got all our hip clothes from Betty!

Kelly said...

Such a pretty dress!!! Looks so good on Shelby!!! Nice find!!! :o