Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day Ninety 2011

Grape hyacinths growing wild on the hillside in my back yard. And since they grow wild around here, I figured they were a weed. I was wrong, which wouldn't be the first time, especially about plant life. Here's something I learned: they are not hyacinths but a member of the lily family, native to the Mediterranean area and Asia Minor and they have a musky-grassy smell. I like them and wish we had more. Guess I could head over to Lowe's and buy me some grape hyacinth bulbs. Who knew?


Ann said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the plant lesson, sis :0) I would've thought they were weeds too.

Jane said...

I think there are lots of beautiful things we call "weeds"!

Kelly said...

Lots of color around your house! Lovin' Spring!!!