Friday, March 4, 2011

Day Sixty Three 2011

Grandson Elijah spends Fridays at my house. Today he was running a fever and was feeling miserable, but he said he wanted to go to Ocha (our fave Thai food deli) for some spicy chicken and rice (his fave). By the time we got there, all he wanted to do was sleep in his mom's lap. So we put his meal in a to-go box and took it home. When Granddaughter Shelby got home from school and realized there was Ocha leftovers, she had to have some (it's her fave, too). Elijah was a good boy and shared his meal with her. And here they are, enjoying their rice and spicy chicken. Also, notice the little cat face there beside Shelby, waiting for his chance to grab a bite of the goodies. (He was not successful). Wishing one and all a happy TGIF!


Ann said...

Sorry Elijah man isn't feeling well! Glad he got to enjoy his Ocha leftovers.

Jane said...

I hope Elijah is better. Ocha would make me feel better, too! Better get it while you can! I hear they are closing for a few weeks.