Friday, May 20, 2011

Day One Hundred Forty 2011

Grandson Elijah says, "It's staring at me."

Cicadas are creepy little buggers with their red staring eyes. They have hatched in our yard, and they are all over everything.

They seemed to like the hostas this morning. This afternoon, they had all flown away, shrieking their mating call. I'll be glad when they be gone.


Wishing my brother in law, Don Foy, a very happy FIFTIETH birthday today!! We enjoyed his celebration tonight. Those burgers he grilled were awesome! Jane's Jell-O cake was to die for, especially topped off with Don's homemade whipped cream. YUM! Thanks again for having us over for eats and birthday festivities. Good times, great family! Here's to the next fifty, right, Don?


Jane said...

Good grief!!! I saw my first cicada in the yard this afternoon. You all are infested!! So glad everyone could come over!

Ann said...

Great cicada pictures! I think they're really starting to come out now that it's warming up. They're all over the place on and around our pear trees. I think they're pretty fascinating! Ditto on the burgers and jello cake. Delish :0)

Kelly said...

Ick! Those things are nasty! Can't wait til there gone. I guess they serve some purpose... I'll put that on my list of questions to ask God.
Had a great time at the Foy's! Let's do burgers again! YUM!!!