Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day One Hundred Forty Five 2011

I took a few minutes to enjoy the sunshine and mild breezes this afternoon. And I always enjoy the colorful view from my front porch swing. Old Glory was flying today.

It was also a great day for wind chimes. Daughter Kelly gave these to me for Mother's Day, and I finally got them on a hook. Love the music they make. I kept expecting the ice cream truck to roll down the street. Sweet!


Ann said...

Great shots, sis! I love the windchimes that Kelly gave you! I took our flag down in anticipation of the storms tonight.

Jane said...

Pretty wind chimes! And Old Glory is always beautiful!

Kelly said...

Chimes look good! Hope they're not too "tinkly" :o)
Nice flat shot! Love that red, white, and blue!