Friday, May 27, 2011

Day One Hundred Forty Seven 2011

Random Picture Postcards From The Nashville Flea Market

This little cicada hitched a ride on the windshield wiper of the truck as we headed out for the flea market this morning. I was hoping he would fly away, but he just held on even after we hit the interstate. His wings started to blow backwards, and I could not bear the inevitable sight of the wind ripping his wings off. Neil pulled over, caught him and let him go on the side of the road.

You can always find a little mermaid or two at the flea market. Made me want to break out in a rendition of 'Under The Sea'.

This is a fan that only my airplane loving hubby could love.

Somebody's home movies? I wanted to ask the vendor what was on these reels of film, but he was so busy unloading his stuff, and he didn't seem like he cared to chat.

Give us a kiss. This was a cute display, and I wondered if the vendor placed them like this on purpose. Probably not.

Laundry day for great great grandma could not have been easy with this contraption! No wonder they had to iron all the time. Imagine the wrinkles after wringing out the clothes.

This made me laugh. I love monkey business at the flea market. Fun.

I coveted this fancy iron bed. The pigs not so much.

This here is a redneck wine glass. Only in the South, folks. Only in the South. Love it.

Every time I see firearms at the flea market, I always think of my brother in law Terry. For some strange reason.

A cauldron Harry Potter would love. I imagine it was once used to make lye soap.

I can't decide if this mannequin's hair is cute or if it just looks like a rat's nest.

The guy hiding behind that basket of oranges is mixing up some fresh orangeade for Neil. He wanted to try it instead of lemonade and found it very tasty.

My heart goes out to the poor bridesmaid who was forced to wear this dress, maybe in the seventies. Eighties? Maybe it belonged to Scarlett O'Hara.....Frankly, my dear.....

I think this guy was on his way to a toga party. Really. He was wearing a sheet.

The Nashville Flea Market is scheduled for the Tennessee State Fair Grounds through May of 2012. One vendor I talked to said it was looking good for the fairgrounds to stay put, which of course is good for the flea market. I hope it happens.

We arrived back home this afternoon in time to watch grandson Elijah play his last T Ball game for the season. The Muck Dogs won 18-17. I think the team came in third out of all the teams. Great season! Good job, Muck Dogs! Elijah is looking forward to their picnic at Hidden Hollow. They deserve it. Happy TGIF, everyone!


Kelly said...

I LOVE your flea market pics!!! All of them!!! Can't pick a favorite although the monkeys did make me laugh! Daddy should have bought the airplane fan! That would look so cool in the "hanger" :o)
Glad Elijah won his last game, that's awesome!!! Hope Hidden Hollow is all that he's imagined it to be! I know I loved that place as a kid. Seems so tiny now.
Thanks again for dinner!!! Had a great time with you. Hope I didn't bring ya down. I was feeling icky today but perked up after hanging with y'all :o) The leftovers were yummy! The chicken was a little rubbery but cheese stuff rocked! Have a great Memorial Day weekend :o)

Kelly said...

Oh, and I'm glad you saved the cicada from loosing his wings. As much as they creep me out and irritate me, I wouldn't have wanted to watch him suffer. Good call :o)

Jane said...

I was looking forward to these pics! :) Love the monkeys! Very interesting stuff! Hated missing Elijah's last game. Bad timing! I'm glad he won & hope he enjoys his picnic. I, too, am glad the cicada was saved!

Ann said...

I always look forward to your flea market pictures! It's amazing how much stuff they have there. I'll have to show Terry those shotgun pics. Good news about the flea market and the fairgrounds. It would be sad it they moved everything! That was sweet of Neil to save the little cicada :0) Congrats to Elijah and the Muck Dogs for winning their last game of the season!!! Sounds like you guys had a fun day.