Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day One Hundred Thirty Eight 2011

I'm tooting grand daughter Shelby's horn today because I'm one proud granny. She received her 4th grade completion certificate and also received the award for outstanding academic achievement and a medal for all As and Bs this school year. Way to go, Shelby, for a job well done, not only this year, but every year you've been at Capshaw. I love you and I'm so very proud of you today and always.

~The last walk to Granny's house from Capshaw School~


Ann said...

Congratulations and big hugs Shelby poo! Me and Terry are so proud of you! :0) Love you!

Jane said...

Way to go, Shelby! Keep up those grades! Got a little misty seeing her last walk to Granny's house from Capshaw. :(

ceee said...

Leaving elementary school was the worst! Can't wait to be at the same school next year! Congratulations on her making all A's and B's!

Kelly said...

Yeah Shelby!!!!! Job well done!!!! Very proud of you!!! Congrats on good grades!!! Can't believe elementary school is part of your past! I remember walking you to school your first day, so tiny, your backpack was bigger than you! :o) Before we know it, you'll graduating high school! EEK!
School's out for summer!!!!!