Friday, May 13, 2011

Day One Hundred Thirty Three 2011

Grandson Elijah was a little freaked out when Buddy Cat decided to snuggle with him on the couch this afternoon. Elijah is a bit gun shy with this cat, because in times past, Buddy has scratched and bit him (and in defense of them both, it happened when Elijah was younger and yanked his tale or got in his face). Our Buddy Cat is in very poor health and seems to want to be around us more than usual these days. He always snuggles with daughter Kelly when she's here and jumps up in hubby Neil's lap when he's upstairs playing video games. So these two stayed this way for quite a while. At least until Elijah had to make a trip to the bathroom. Buddy Cat was waiting for him when he got back.


Ann said...

Precious! Makes me sad that Buddy cat is sick. I'm sure he finds comfort in being close to everyone.

Jane said...

Very sweet picture. I'm glad Buddy is getting some snuggling in.

Kelly said...

Ahh! How sweet! I would call Bud a traitor for cuddling with someone else but he needs lots of love. Glad he wants to be comforted and cuddled! Kinda funny that Buddy chose Elijah after all that "abuse" LOL!