Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day One Hundred Twenty Seven 2011

Before his obsession with radio controlled airplanes began, lo these many years ago, hubby Neil started out on the ground with radio controlled trucks. That interest quickly faded, until grandson Elijah found out Grandpa has RC trucks. So Neil dusted them off and got one up and racing around the back yard this afternoon. He's going to take Elijah and Shelby out maybe this weekend to drive them and see what happens. That should be interesting. I snapped this second picture right before the truck slammed into that metal fire pit we use for marshmallow roasts. The truck survived the hit. We'll see if it survives the grandpeeps.


Kelly said...

It's fun driving the toy cars!!! I always wreck them beyond repair. Grandpeeps will love driving it! :o)

Ann said...

Did Elijah get his truck today? He's going to love that!

Jane said...

I was wondering that, too! I'm sure Neil got it to him.