Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day One Hundred Seventy Three 2011

Grandson Elijah's tee shirt says I've Got Game, and he did, pretty much all day on the Wii. He and Shelby played Super Mario Brothers, which I think is Elijah's favorite video game. Then they both did a little target shooting with this way cool gun. They both ran out of video game steam this afternoon when Shelby dug out paper and Sharpies and made some art, and Elijah curled up on the couch. It would have been nice to spend some time outside riding bikes, but we got soaked again, so the bikes got to spend the day in the back of their mom's truck.


Jane said...

I love that intense look on Elijah's face. Wish the rain would ease up. It made for a scary trip up to Short Mountain!

Kelly said...

Video Game Veggers!!! Sounds like fun on a rainy day! Kerry played a fight game online line with them last night. Lots of fun :o)

Ann said...

I wouldn't want to play that game with Elijah! He would put me to shame. From the look on his face he takes gaming very seriously :0)