Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day One Hundred Ninety Four 2011

The Lantana is attracting butterflies (as advertised) and the bees seem to love it, too. The last picture is a little pink Dahlia blooming in the back yard. I love these (this one didn't want to show its pretty face), but they aren't doing too well this summer. Hubby Neil says you have to dig them up and separate the bulbs. I think that might be a job for the gardener in the family (Neil? Hello?).


Kelly said...

That butterfly is so pretty!!! Love these pictures :o)

Jane said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the butterfly! Wish I'd had my camera handy this morning when a hummingbird & bumblebee were on our Bee Balm flowers. The hummingbird was so cute!

Ann said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures one and all! I especially love the butterfly :0)