Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day One Hundred Ninety Seven 2011

Travel Day. Got off to a very late start to begin with. Tons of traffic. Seems everyone who skipped the beach last year because of the oil spill is making up for it this year. Rain off and on and then the floodgates opened pretty much when we crossed the Alabama/Florida line and stayed open all the way. Several traffic accidents along the way. Blessedly, none involved my peeps. Saw a van that had flipped over on its roof on the interstate in the downpour. Took alternate route into Destin when traffic got so backed up we couldn't move. That made the trip seem like an eternity. (It was.) We ended up going through the toll booth and across the bay bridge. Almost eight o'clock by the time we finally arrived. Daughter Holly treated us all to a homemade (Dad's sauce) spaghetti dinner. So good! What a blessing after this mind-numbing day. Looking forward to sunny days ahead and sharing some cool beach fun pics with all of you. I'm keeping my fingers (and painted toes) crossed!


Ann said...

Glad you guys arrived safely in Destin! There's nothing worse than driving in the rain and getting caught up in traffic on a long trip. Praying you'll have sunny days ahead! Can't wait to see some beach pictures :0)

Jane said...

Hoping for sunshine the rest of the week! I'm glad you arrived safely. Shelby texted - said it seemed like 100 years to get there! :)