Monday, July 11, 2011

Day One Hundred Ninety Two 2011

Those lazy hazy days of summer. This was taken June 27, but it could have been taken today--the grandpeeps Elijah and Shelby chillin' in front of the TV at Granny's house. I didn't take any pictures today. Thought about going swimming, but it was so scorching hot that even that didn't seem like a good idea. So we stayed inside with the air conditioning.


Jane said...

Staying inside with the air conditioning is my plan! Going outside takes my breath away in the heat!

Ann said...

Aren't you glad you don't have to work out in this heat? I went out long enough to check on the garden. Thank goodness for AC!

Kelly said...

What did people do back in the day without AC!?!?! UGH! Nastiest day of the year and tomorrow is going to be worse according to the weather people. Stay in and drink cold drinks :o)
Hope Elijah and Shelby enjoyed playing Scooby on Wii. Glad I got to get a hug before I left :o)