Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day Fifty Five 2012

0224021015Hubby Neil is in Matrix mode as we head to the Nashville Flea Market late this morning.
0224021018Never did shake those clouds. No rain, but it was crazy windy all day, and the wind was cold and sharp.
0224021200You can tell spring is on the way when bunnies start showing up at the flea market.
0224021200aThese must be those fainting goats I keep hearing about.
I liked this cool fireplace screen. It’s kind of creepy, though.
0224021207Trust no one, Mister Mulder! There was a Scully doll, too. The truth is still out there.
0224021208You can leave your hat on. Even if you’re headless. Poor girl. At least it matched her dress.
0224021235This great sign appealed to me for some strange reason.
0224021240aSpeaking of insane….today was creepy doll day at the flea market.
0224021256What’s a flea market without socks? Neil and I actually bought some. I think that’s a first for us.
0224021305Love this sleigh. Kind of made me wish for some snow before this winter is gone.

Today was also creepy teapot day at the flea market.
0224021310Did I mention that today was creepy teapot day at the flea market?
0224021314Creepy dolls everywhere…..
0224021315aVinyl is alive and well here. Now all you need is a turntable. You remember those, right?
0224021319The wind was so biting today that even the statues wore scarves. I had mine on. Could have used some gloves, too.
0224021342Demented Easter bunny—another sign of spring.
I wanted this but common sense prevailed.
0224021425Balloon man making balloon animals. What a happy job that must be.
0224021457We had a nice day at the flea market!
0224021553Before we headed home, we stopped for a visit and some supper with daughter Kelly, son in law Kerry and grandpeep Knox. Couldn’t resist a gratuitous self portrait in the bathroom mirror. Knox has on his baseball cap turned around backward. Yo! (Note the monkey on his bottom--major cuteness)
0224021840aSilly Monkey Knox was asleep in my lap and woke up when I took his picture.
0224021852aBaby hands are the sweetest things ever! Look at those dimples. Now there’s something you won’t ever find for sale at the flea market. Happy TGIF, everyone!


Ann said...

Great shots! I always love your flea market pictures because it makes me feel like I'm right there with you. Wow, talk about some creepy stuff! You should've bought that giant R. That would've looked great on your porch. Knox, what can I say? He is getting so big. Can't believe he'll be 3 months old soon! Miss him so much and hope to be able to see the little dude soon :0)

Jane said...

I always look forward to the flea market pics! :) There was some incredibly creepy stuff there this time. You are correct - baby hands are the sweetest things ever! Just wanna eat them up! I had Kelly send me some Knox pics tonight. I told her I was having withdraws because I hadn't seen any new pics of him lately!