Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day Ninety One 2012

Daughters and grandkids spent Friday night with Neil and me. We stayed up late and woke up late and enjoyed Neil’s homemade blueberry waffles for breakfast. It was an awesome spring day so we headed outside where grand daughter Shelby communed with neighbor kitty Lily.
We dusted off the jug of bubble soap and Shelby blew some bubble art.
Temporary bubble art, big as your head!
Grandson Elijah made friends with a caterpillar and named him ‘Jeff’.
‘Jeff’ was a pretty fast crawler. Elijah put him in a paper cup with some grassy weeds to climb on.
Grandson Knox was diggin’ the great outdoors, too, but didn’t get into the creepy crawly action. He’s a little wiggle worm in his own right.
Saturday (and everyday) Peeps! Daughters Kelly and Holly and grandkids Elijah, Shelby, and Knox, who found more interesting things to look at than my camera.
Bubble art with purple lilacs. Our lilac bush has lots of blooms this year.
Also pretty in purple, a gorgeous iris, which is the Tennessee state flower. The end of winter and start of spring has been so hot that only a couple of the iris plants bloomed. Made me sad. Love these.
Speaking of creepy crawlies…Neil was weeding around our house and almost put his hand on this snake. We think it was a copperhead which is poisonous. It was poised to strike, sticking its forked tongue out at us. I got close as I could to take this picture. (You can click on the picture to enlarge it if you like). Elijah said, “I hate snakes!” Shelby said, “Off with its head!” Neil obliged with his hoe. Gave all of us the willies!

Grandson Knox in a rare on-the-belly pose. Hard to believe he’ll be 4 months old on Monday. Good times, great memories! Happy Saturday, everyone!


Ann said...

Great shots! I know you guys enjoyed having all the chicks in the nest :0) As for the snake, I'm glad Neil took Shelby's advice :0)

Jane said...

What a fun time for you guys! I love Shelby's bubble art. Maybe someday "Jeff" will be a beautiful butterfly! :) Glad we got to stop by & visit for a while today. Cute Knox photos.

Kelly said...

Best Saturday I've had in I don't know when!!! Great shots! I didn't get to see the snake up close, thankfully. Didn't realize how scary it was!