Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day Seventy Three 2012

I spent the afternoon with peeps at my mom's place. What a glorious day! 85 degrees! We spent our time outside today, hanging out on the front porch swing and rocking chairs. Grandson Elijah, grand daughter Shelby, niece Julia and sister Ann (the biggest kid of the bunch) played around the willows around the pond and made willow wreaths for their sweet heads. Also in the after lunch bunch: sister Jane and brother Ken and our mom.
Tagged Canadian geese are almost always hanging out on the property. They love that pond, same as the humans. These two just sat there as I circled them, trying not to spook them, while I took some pictures. They kept a close eye on me the whole time.
I had to get a snapshot of niece Julia, grandson Elijah, and grand daughter Shelby wearing their beautiful willow wreaths, which they decorated with wild flowers. The picture doesn't do them justice. Julia looks like a flower child with her long braid and tie dyed t shirt. Elijah looks like he's been shot in the belly. He just couldn't keep his eyes open because of the glare and wore his wreath proudly. Good times with sweet peeps!


Jane said...

T'was a lovely day. I'm glad I got to spend it with several of my favorite people! Love y'all! Great memories.....

Ann said...

What Jane said! Great picture of the peeps donning their willow crowns :0) Love the look on Elijah's face!