Friday, March 2, 2012

Day Sixty Two 2012

Random TGIF pictures on a day filled with bouts of sunshine and tornadoes in middle Tennessee. The kids got out of school at noon today ahead of the powerful storms that moved from the Gulf Coast up through Indiana. Lots of damage and loss of life in some places. We were spared at my house from anything extreme. Still thundering and raining here tonight at 7:30. I'll be relieved when the storms are gone and looking forward to a calm Saturday.


Ann said...

What a day! I'm just glad it wasn't as bad as it could've been. We just had lots of heavy rain, thunder and lightning here. The only time we were under a tornado warning was late this afternoon and that storm skirted to the north of us and hit Carthage. Glad you guys are safe and sound. Love the pictures and glad the kids got our of school early today :0)

Jane said...

Nice pictures! Julia enjoyed hanging out with you all. It was a weird, wild day. Glad it's over! And glad for Spring Break! :)