Friday, May 4, 2012

Day One Hundred Twenty Five 2012

Random TGIF
Roses for Mom using Canon Powershot color select.
Grandson Knox after his bath all wrapped up in his puppy dog towel.
Grand daughter Shelby decked out in her 1980’s (the ‘Me Generation’) outfit today for decade week at her school. She was totally neon with a side pony tail, fingerless lace glove, and her mom’s vintage 80’s charms necklace. Awesome to the max, dudette!
Happy TGIF, everyone!


Kelly said...

Pretty roses! I've enjoyed all the flowers.
I think Knox liked his bath! Love that puppy head!
Shelby rocked that 80's look!

Jane said...

I was gonna call Knox "towel head" but I like puppy head better! :) The roses are beautiful, and Shelby looks too cool for school. (Did you get a pic of her in her 60s look?)

Ann said...

Beautiful roses! I love the color select effect. Too cool! Knox is precious in his puppy head towel :0) Shelb is rockin' it out in her 80's garb! Great pictures one and all!