Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day Two Hundred Fifteen 2012

My Lunch Bunch Peeps! Niece Sarah, great nephew Ethan, great niece Ashley, nephew Chris, sister Ann, sister Jane, and niece Julia. We try to keep a long-running weekly lunchtime get together. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. The kids were out of school for election day here, so this particular group of peeps gathered at Zaxby’s and enjoyed some chicken and milkshakes, conversation and lots of laughs. We are a blessed family, especially in the sense that we truly love each other, and yes, even like each other enough that we go out of our way to be together whenever and wherever we can. How many families can make that claim?


Ann S. said...

So proud to call you guys my family! I love each and every one of you :0) Enjoyed lunch today! Let's do it again soon.

Jane said...

We are pretty special, aren't we? :) I am glad we chose to keep these lunch dates going. Mom would be proud.

Kelly said...

I'm craving a Cheese Krystal & vanilla Frosty right now! One of these days I hope to join yall :-)