Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day Two Hundred Forty One 2012

We enjoyed a spaghetti dinner at Fazoli’s this evening, and this is how my hubby Neil eats his pasta—he uses a spoon to twirl it onto a fork, which he says/argues is the correct way to eat spaghetti. I, on the other hand, cut my spaghetti (hack it to pieces, he claims)  into bite sized forkfuls and think nothing of it. Different process, same results, I say. He says it tastes better his way. I roll my eyes. We agree to disagree, and now we’re both stuffed with spaghetti.  È squisito!


Ann S. said...

I hack my spaghetti to pieces too. Terry calls it the Mabry chop :0) That picture makes me hungry for spaghetti!

Jane said...

Yes, Don calls it the Mabry Chop, too! And THAT is how you should eat spaghetti! :)

Kelly said...

That picture actually grosses me out!!! We had Cici's Pizza for lunch...didn't agree with me too much. Although, I did catch myself licking my fingers after serving myself fresh hot cinnamon roll. I told Kerry that if I got sick, this would be what did it. Was it the pizza or the ick I licked? We'll never know but lesson learned. Yuck!!!