Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day Two Hundred Seventeen 2012

Visiting grandson Knox and daughter Kelly today. First time we’ve been to their house since the end of June. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Chop House.
He’s got three teeth now, and a fourth coming in soon, so he’s got his own toothbrush. He likes to brush his teeth.
He’s about to outgrow that changing table. We haven’t seen him in almost two weeks (must be a record), so he seems a lot bigger to us today.
He got a cool new toy to play with from Babies R Us. He isn’t crawling yet, but he can pull himself up to a standing position and just might walk before he crawls.
Bath time!
Bath water tastes terrible!
He was also happy to get to visit with his aunt Holly and cousin Shelby who dropped by after a day of shop till you drop. (It’s tax free weekend here in our state). Knox is such a sweetie, eight months old now, and changing so much every time we see him. He’s off to bed now. Sweet dreams!


Jane said...

Such cute pictures! Can't believe how he's just sitting up in that first pic. Bath time pics look like Kelly! :)

Kelly said...

Love these!!!! Had a great time today!! Thanks lunch, milkshake, doughnuts, diapers, formula and everything else!!!! Glad Holly & Shelby could visit, too!! I think Knox had a great time...he's missed you <3

Ann S. said...

Picture #6 is the spitting image of Kelly! I showed these to Terry and that's the first thing he said. That boy just gets more precious with each passing day! Glad he enjoys getting his teeth brushed. Need to take care of those little chompers :0)