Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day Two Hundred Thirty Eight 2012

Roll out the barrels. We’ll have a barrel of fun. Did you know that the orange and white striped barrel is the Tennessee state mascot? Just kidding. But it could be, since the interstates always seem to be under some form of construction. TDOT is preparing to pave some more road through Wilson County, as we passed through on the way to a rare Saturday visit to the flea market.
The Nashville Flea Market on a Saturday is stuffed with vendors and people who all seem to be pushing baby strollers and/or mini shopping carts. I prefer to visit on Friday when there’s no crush of humanity. Aren’t these big green bottles beautiful? One of the prettiest things I saw all day.
It’s an election year, so there’s plenty of political memorabilia if that’s your thing.
These are the coolest wire baskets, and now I wish I’d bought one or two.  They would make great planters. For African violets, maybe?
It’s almost that time again! There were jack o’ lanterns all over the place.
There’s more than just junk and tube socks to be had at the flea market—such as these antique record players or phonographs.
This one is really vintage, and for some reason I can almost hear one of my mom’s fave tunes  ‘I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire’ playing on it.
These are records that old phonograph plays—not even a vinyl disk but a wax cylinder. Technology is amazing, no matter what the era.
I don’t even know what to say about this. Just…weird.
These ancient boxing gloves look like they might have belonged to a gorilla.
Zombie Raggedy couple.
This was probably the scariest thing I saw all day.
If only they still made the film…..
Should have bought this to add to my little collection, but I didn’t.
You didn’t build that.
Hubby Neil always gets stuck lugging around the shopping bag. By this time, it was pretty heavy with three (small)  ironstone platters I’d bought. I think the only other thing we bought was fried pies.
Would love to visit some day.
More jack o’ lanterns.
There was a vendor there who had an interesting display of historical memorabilia for sale from Colonial times up through all the wars into present day.
A lot of their items were political, of course, like this election year poster. And yes I’d love a change, but I don’t think McGovern can help at this point.
This was interesting. It looked authentic.
Hey, look, I think I found Jimmy Hoffa!
We could use him right now.
Balloon man was there, creating cool stuff like this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
Power to the monkeys, right on.
It was a pleasure to serve you.
And this is what Neil finds fascinating. Go figure.
Next stop after the flea market was the Kimbrough house, where grandson Knox seemed happy to see us.
Son in law Kerry got to join us for our lunch at The Chop House. Knox got comfortable on daddy’s lap for his liquid lunch. Sorry, Kerry, I cut off your head.
He conked out during lunch. His little neck brace pillow keeps his head from rolling all over the place.
At Babies R Us, he got a big kick out of riding Dumbo.
Got this cool pop up tent to play in.
Knox is a blur now, he can crawl so fast. His mommy and daddy will have to invest in some gates pretty soon.  Good times, fun Saturday!

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Jane said...

Looks like a fun, interesting day at the flea market! (Love your "you didn't build that" comment on the pic!) Knox's sweet smile just warms my heart. Cute boy! That clown baby thing was freaky & disturbing. You should have bought that tea pot for your collection!!