Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day Two Hundred Thirty Four 2012

This And That
When daughter Kelly was here last week, she wanted to check out the local health food store. Wandering around in this aisle made me feel like I was at Hogwarts School For Witches and Wizards. I almost expected to run into Snape and his magic potion book.
I’d never heard of this, but I liked the name, so I Googled it. Mugwort is a perennial plant that is a member of the daisy/sunflower family and a relative of ragweed used traditionally as a healing herb to soothe the rash caused by poison oak. Apparently, you can smoke it to ‘enhance your dreams.’ Don’t say I never taught ya nothin’.
I’m still trying to walk every day, which I did this morning. The clouds in the blue sunny sky were pretty cool. That red thing is the sun flare off my cell camera lens.
Chain link fence made a cool shadow on the sidewalk. I know. I’m supposed to be walking, not taking pictures. I got my iPod out last night because it suddenly dawned on me that I could listen to my tunes while walking which certainly would make the walking more pleasant (and maybe drown out the screaming coming from my left knee). And I realized I have this little fitness app on there that will track my steps taken, miles walked, calories burned, time of walk, etc. It was a Eureka! moment (or more like Duh!) I walked over a mile this morning. Not too shabby for Kay’s creaky old knees.
This afternoon the grandkids Shelby and Elijah hit the trampoline for the first time in months. We had to sweep off all the dead leaves and limbs and bugs and such first before they could jump. Shelby showed Elijah how to do a handstand flip.
They love doing flips. They are fearless. (Which freaks me out sometimes.) They also batted the ball and we threw the Frisbee around for a while which was fun. Today was a beautiful day to be outside. The cooler temps and lower humidity make me long for Fall. But I’m not going to wish away the rest of the Summer. No way.
Wishing my sister Ann and her husband Terry a very happy 30TH wedding anniversary today! They are celebrating this milestone in their marriage at the beach this week. Love you guys!


Kelly said...

Ipod will make your walks much more tolerable &/or enjoyable :-D It was a very nice day! Hey, we'll have to try a little mugwart! Teehee!

Jane said...

Yes, I take my ipod with me to listen to on walks. A good rock song makes me walk faster! :) I can't get over how much Shelby has grown!! She looks so big in the trampoline pics! I still can see those little kids jumping & having fun. Time is too flippin' fast.