Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day Two Hundred Twenty Four 2012

“What’s for lunch, Grandpa?” Neil and I are visiting grandson Knox and his mommy Kelly and daddy Kerry today as we often do on Saturdays. And usually each Saturday we enjoy a fantastic lunch at The Chop House. Knox loves to chew on the menus, and now that he’s got nearly six teeth, maybe someday soon he’ll be able to enjoy one of those delicious Chop House lunches along with the rest of us.


Jane said...

Knox looks like he's telling Neil what to order! :) Cute!

Kelly said...

Had a grand ole time!!! The weather was perfect for chillin in the shadey driveway! Thanks for lunch & for taking Knox to his first gun shop :-)

Ann S. said...

Knox looks pretty excited about the menu :0) Glad to hear that he visited his first gun shop today. That will make Uncle Terry real proud :0)