Monday, September 3, 2012

Day Two Hundred Forty Seven 2012

No picnic for us today. All Neil and I did was work around the house. He spent his Lowe’s gift cards and bought this nifty chain saw attachment for his weed eater.
And this is what he did with it. There were piles of tree and bush limbs laying all over the yard when he finished. Well, finished for today. Nothing like a new toy.
It’s Monday which is always laundry day around here. I did that plus wash windows, starting with the ones in all the doors—inside and outside = 138 panes of glass. I haven’t even begun to clean the regular windows yet. Labor Day, indeed.
After supper, we landed in Dogwood Park with our camp chairs to soak up some local culture and cool breezes and listened to the Cookeville Community Band play their last concert of the season.
This is the first time we’ve attended one of their concerts. I told Neil I can’t believe we’ve never been. They played marches, swing tunes, New Orleans jazz, and the concert ended with Rocky Top, a Tennessee fan favorite. Good times.
Happy Labor Day, America!


Jane said...

Looks like you had a productive Labor Day. I enjoy those Community Band concerts. Forgot they had one today.

Jane said...
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Ann S. said...

Tell Neil he can bring his chainsaw to my house. We have so many trees that need to be trimmed. It was a lazy day for us. At least I got my laundry done :0) Glad you guys got to enjoy the concert!