Friday, September 21, 2012

Day Two Hundred Sixty Five 2012

It’s all you need, even at the flea market.
What’s a flea market without a naked lady?
These diving ladies make me wish I had a swimming pool. Or whatever.
Need a bra? Or two? Or ten?
When pigs fly among the mums. Oink.
Lots of vendors selling lots of ornamental gourds and pumpkins and mums today. So tempting. Amazingly, I resisted.
And I thought I had dental problems…..
These huge gears drew lots of attention. Neil was drawn to them because the gear was his engineering fraternity’s symbol. I’m glad he wasn’t interested in buying them. Couldn’t afford them anyway. I think the price tag was five-thousand dollars.
Pails for sale made for a striking display. This vendor always has interesting and sometimes useful stuff.
The vendor of this booth told me he’s the original Mario (as in Brothers). She said she traveled with him strapped into the front seat beside her and got some looks from other drivers (to say the least). I thought he was just plain scary.
Howdy from the Nashville Flea Market. Gratuitous self portrait.
We couldn’t figure out what these strange balls were supposed to be, except that they were quite colorful (and perhaps totally useless).
This vendor had a whole herd of metal animals that stretched as far as the eye could see. I wonder if he made them. Probably mass produced.
I liked these ceramic jack o’ lanterns.
I also liked these gargoyles, thought they’d be cool sitting on either corner of our rooftop, but Neil said no.
Bald diva girl scout. Would you buy a cookie from her? No? I don’t think she’d care.
Peace out
You might want to lock this in the toy chest before you go to bed, little girl.
I love this. Should have bought it.
Where’s the rest of this moose?
No, grandson Knox was not for sale at the flea market, although I did buy this cool T shirt for him there. It’s the only cute thing like this I’ve ever seen that says ‘Granny’ which is what my grand kids call me. All the grandmother stuff usually says grandma or nana or mimi, etc. So I had to get this for him. I told his mommy he has to wear it every day until he grows out of it.
Daughter Kelly treated us to scrumptious cupcakes from Gigi’s this afternoon while we were visiting. These are totally decadent. The ones on the right are dark chocolate and salted caramel. Bottom left is lemon ice box pie and the top left is cinnamon bun. I just saw a report the other day that claims sugar shrinks your brain. I think I’m down to a single brain cell after eating one of those chocolate caramel things.
I think Knox was happy to see us, even if he was forced to wear his I Love My Granny shirt. I enjoyed swinging him into a nice hour long nap on the porch swing. The breeze was so pleasant and cool on this last day of Summer. When we left for home, he waved bye bye. So sweet! Sweeter than a cupcake from Gigi’s.
Hope your TGIF was sweet, too.


Ann S. said...

I always look forward to your flea market pictures! Knox is too precious in his granny shirt!

Ann S. said...

I always look forward to your flea market pictures! Knox is too precious in his granny shirt!

Kelly said...

Awesome flea pics!!! Can't pick a fave although the sun is too cool and yes you shoulda bought it! My son is cool too, especially with his granny shirt!!! Thanks for stopping in! It was short but sweet :-)

Jane said...

I don't know how in the world I missed this post!! I love the flea market pics so much, I hit the flea market label to see past posts. I thought "I don't remember this one!" and I was right!! It was nice to get 2 flea market posts! :)

Kay R. said...

Thanks, Jane, glad you enjoy the flea market posts. It's fun taking pics there :)