Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day Two Hundred Sixty Two 2012

Tonight was family night at granddaughter Shelby’s middle school where she’s in sixth grade chorus. Neil and I enjoyed their sweet and entertaining performance. I always get all teary-eyed when I hear children’s voices singing, especially if one of them happens to be my dear peep. The last song  performed by all the chorus grades 5th-8th was called ‘Why We Sing’ –to learn, sing, share, and uplift others with our gift of song!  That’s sweet stuff. Good job, Shelby! I’m so proud of you!!


Jane said...

I always enjoy the kids' chorus concerts. They do bring a little mist to the eyes, don't they? I'm glad that Shelby is in the chorus!

Ann S. said...

Glad that Shelby is in chorus too! Wish I could've seen her performance :0)

Kelly said...

I would have liked to have seen it too! I'm sure she did great!!!