Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day Three Hundred Fifteen 2012

It’s that time of year. Can’t put it off any longer. Well, we could, but it just makes the job bigger and more time consuming.
Neil and I spent the whole afternoon doing this. Nice day for it, too. So much easier to rake when the leaves are dry and crisp.
And although most of our trees are bare….
….the neighborhood is filled with these huge yellow Maples—like the one next door—which are the last to turn and drop their leaves. I hope they stay put for a while longer. So pretty!
Almost gone.
FYI: we experienced an earthquake late this morning. What a strange feeling when the house is shaking under my feet and over my head. It lasted at my house for maybe ten seconds with a small aftershock. Apparently the 4.3 quake originated in southeastern Kentucky and was felt in at least 8 states. Or so I’ve heard. No damage here. What a wild ride! But nothing I’d care to repeat.
Happy Saturday to you and yours!


Jane said...

Beautiful pictures! It was a gorgeous day, and we should have been out raking too, but Don had to work (like he always does on pretty Saturdays) & I was motoring the kids around, etc. Oh well! I missed the earthquake, but Don felt it.

Ann S. said...

Great shots! It was a gorgeous day indeed. We didn't feel the quake down this way. Me and T were working in the yard when it happened. Not sure if anyone in Smith county was affected. I remember one when we lived in Hopkinsville. What a strange feeling. Glad there was no damage!

Kelly said...

Lovely day! Knox & I finally got out this afternoon. Didn't feel the quake :-\