Friday, November 2, 2012

Day Three Hundred Seven 2012

Grandson Elijah went to school this morning. He was doing fine until he decided to take a ride down the slide on the playground which caused his blistered bottom much distress. (For those of you who have not heard, on Halloween night he sat down on a Styrofoam cup of scalding hot apple cider and burned his little fanny which earned him a trip to the ER.) His mom brought him to Granny’s house and slathered on some Neosporin. He requested lunch at Burger King (where they have Mario toys in the kid’s meal). That Neosporin is good stuff! And a BK crown helped ease the pain, too.
Not to be outdone, daughter Kelly wore her crown while driving through lunchtime TGIF traffic. And only because her dad refused to wear it on the way back to work.
Meanwhile, back at Granny’s house, grandson Knox discovered the stairs. And our electricity went off for some reason right when we got back from lunch.
Kelly decided she wanted/needed some yummy coffee, so we headed over to the corner coffeehouse on the town square instead of sitting at home in the dark. I really liked this bumper sticker on the car we parked beside.
Kelly got her latte, and Elijah enjoyed some hot chocolate (but not too hot) with some homemade whipped cream, while Knox entertained the couple behind the couch, and Elijah regaled them with the story of why he wasn’t in school today.
While we were there, we listened to vintage vinyl Hank Williams on the record player (Don’t Think Twice). When that song ended and another one began, Elijah was surprised and said, “There’s another song on there?” We told him there were lots of songs on there. And on the flip side, too.
In God We Trust now adorns our courthouse which is all right with me. Others don’t like it. I’ll never understand why some folks are offended by God.
Neighbor Kitty Lily paid a visit. She hangs out on our porches often, especially in cold weather.
It’s good to be king.
Looks like Elijah is the only family member in focus in this blurry cell phone camera pic. We looked forward to supper at Ocha Thai food deli all day long—hubby Neil, granddaughter Shelby, daughter Kelly, grandson Knox, daughter Holly, and grandson Elijah. We enjoyed their good food and had some fun, too. Hope your TGIF was awesome!


Jane said...

Looks like you had a fun Friday! Sorry Elijah aggravated his little bottom, but hey! If it gets you out of school! :) I enjoyed your day through the pics! Thanks!

Ann S. said...

Sorry Elijah aggravated his burn. I love Neosporin! That's good stuff. Looks like a fun Friday!

Kelly said...

Twas a good day!!!