Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day Three Hundred Six 2012

In keeping with the Halloween season, grand daughter Shelby’s 6th grade class studied Mexico’s Day of the Dead. They held a contest with the class voting on who was the most creative in coloring a Day of the Dead skull. Shelby won! She picked out this prize—a heart with a skull on it that says Besame which is ‘kiss me’ in Spanish. Way to go, Shelby!

"The joy of grandchildren is measured in the heart."  ~Author Unknown


Ann S. said...

Way to go, Shelb! So glad to hear that Elijah is ok after his accident last night. Jane called me and told me what happened. Looks like Knox enjoyed playing in the leaves.

Jane said...

Great job, Shelby! I love these pictures!

Kelly said...

Yay, Shelby!!!
We're having a great time here this week! Knox loves spending time with you all <3

Kelly said...

Cute pix!!! Knox loves the leaves :o)