Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day Three Hundred Twenty Nine 2012

Supermassive toy explosion. Grandpa is having too much fun. Knox, not so much. He’s running a fever tonight. Not sure what that’s all about. Hope it goes away soon and doesn’t come back. In the meantime, he’s getting ready to knock down that stack of blocks.


Jane said...

Poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon! That bottom pic so looks like Kelly.

Kelly said...

He sat in my lap for the longest time watching Funniest Home Videos clapping when the audience clapped. That doesn't happen much. Hope he feels like going to cradle roll in the morning.
That vacant look does resemble me ...haha ;o)

Jane said...

That's not a vacant look - that's a precious little face with a fever. =)

Ann S. said...

He's the spittin' image of you in that last picture, Kelly! Glad the little guy is feeling better. He was a hoot in church this morning :0) Enjoyed spending time with you all over Thanksgiving!

Kelly said...

Funny how some thinks he looks like me and others Kerry. He's a good mix I guess. Enjoyed spending time with yall too!! Hope he doesn't act crazy in church next time...hate the foyer :(