Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day Seventeen 2013

Those white streaks are tiny balls of ice that fell for a few minutes today around lunchtime. Not sleet and certainly not snow. Almost like hail. So much for 1-4 inches of snow. I’m pretty sure all the school kids and teachers enjoyed their ‘snow’ day.
And then the sun appeared late this afternoon. I could almost hear the heavenly angels in chorus, singing Praise the Lord! It was a glorious sight indeed. Looks like a nice weekend ahead, sunshine-wise.


Kelly said...

The weather people are pointless. They predict a dusting we get 6 inches. They say 6 inches we get nothing. At least the sun came out to join us in our laughter.

Jane said...

I was disappointed that there was no snow. I had dreams of a five day weekend. :) Oh well! It was nice to see the sun!

Ann S. said...

We got a few sleet pellets. It was nice to see the sun! It would be nice to have one good snow this winter.