Monday, February 11, 2013

Day Forty Two 2013

Hubby Neil loves radio controlled airplanes. Building, flying, crashing (well, he doesn’t love that part) and repairing them. He claims it’s a hobby. I believe it’s an obsession. Why else would there be one sitting in a room upstairs, in various stages of construction. It’s winter. Too cold to be building a plane outside. Truth be told, his man cave, also known as his airplane hanger, is already full and is too small to turn around in anymore, much less build an RC plane with a wingspan of about six feet. I only hope he can get the thing back down the stairs and out the door when he’s finally finished with it.


Jane said...

Yeah, I guess you just take over other parts of the house if your man-cave is full! :) That's what Don does, anyway.

Ann S. said...

I hope he can get it out the door too! Guess Neil needs to build onto his hangar:)

Kelly said...

I didn't recognize that room. Hope it flies!!