Monday, February 4, 2013

Day Thirty Five 2013

Monday Monday With Peeps
Grandson Knox eating carrots for lunch at Ocha Thai food deli today.
Grand daughter Shelby wearing the vintage middle school Raiders jersey she bought from one of her teachers who collects them and offers them for sale.
Gratuitous awesome sky picture
Grandpeeps Elijah, Shelby and Knox enjoyed frozen treats at Cream City Ice Cream and Coffee Shop this afternoon after school. And Knox enjoyed running in circles around that table behind them while his cousins chased him.
Kay's iPad pics 068
Aunt Holly took them all for a walk after she got off work, and they ended up bouncing around on the trampoline. They’ve got so much energy; they don’t even feel the cold. Or much care if they do.
Kay's iPad pics 092
Knox thinks lying on the trampoline is fun, too.
Kay's iPad pics 096
Cheeks and nose are frozen. Time to go inside. He loves playing with his cousins anytime, anywhere.  Happy Monday!


Jane said...

Love that pic of Knox eating carrots! :) Cute! Shelb looks great in that jersey. Pretty sky & clouds! Hated being at school today - yuck! Wish I could've been at Ocha & Cream City! :) Don't know how Sheby could stand being outside with a t-shirt & no jacket! Looks like a fun Monday!

Kelly said...

Nothin better than carrots and cousins!!!

Ann S. said...

Precious peeps one and all! Love these pictures. Knox is going to turn into a carrot :0) I wish I had their energy!