Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day Thirty Three 2013

Ever Lovin’ Saturday!
Elijah's Vision Bball game  2 2 13
Grandson Elijah’s Vision Basketball team played hard today. This tall fellow here on the orange team gave the blue team a lot of grief. They all played well. I don’t know what the score ended up being, but I think Elijah’s team lost. He got his team’s hustle award after the game. His sister Shelby snapped this photo and shared it with me so I can share it with you. I told her she should be a sports photographer.
Lunch at Momma Rosa’s after the game. The pizza was delicious.
More snowfall this afternoon.
It was a beautiful little blizzard for a few minutes and then it disappeared.
Grandson Knox enjoyed watching the snow and the birds and blowing on the window pane.
Yummy stew for supper
The napkin basket makes a great hat.
My favorite kind of Saturday has always been getting to spend it with my peeps!


Jane said...

Great pictures! Shelby gets good shots with her ipad! Looks like you guys had a fun Saturday!

Ann S. said...

Looks like a wonderful Saturday! Great shots!

Kelly said...

It was a great Saturday!! I especially enjoyed the beef stew!!!