Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day Eighty 2013

35 degrees at lunch time today. Welcome, first full day of Spring!
I’m trying some new recipes. Made Black Bean Soup in the Crockpot after lunch. I got to use things like lime and cilantro and cumin and ground cloves and balsamic vinegar, all in the same dish, a departure for me, especially the cumin. I made this unholy mess in my kitchen and for all my effort was rewarded with a most pleasing aroma wafting through my house.
This Black Bean Soup was great for a cold night, especially since it set our taste buds on fire. Didn’t expect it to be inferno hot, but Neil and I both agreed it was the most unusual tasting soup we’d ever experienced and it was quite good. Some sour cream on top helped take the bite off, and Fritos were good with it, too. And since there were leftovers, we’ll most likely be having it for lunch tomorrow.
Ah, Spring! It’s 36 degrees which called for a fire in the wood stove. There’s snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Like I said, ‘Mother Nature’ doesn’t care what the calendar says where the weather is concerned. Not one bit.


Ann S. said...

We love black beans! You need to send me the recipe. It sounds good. That fire sure does look good on this unseasonably cold night. Not surprising though. It does this every year seems like.

Jane said...

You're cooking like Don Foy! :) That soup looks wonderful, and I sure wish I had that fire burning at my house!

Kelly said...

I might let you inspire me to start using my crock pot...depends on whether Knox sleeps or not. Just kidding. That seems like my excuse for everything these days...months... Looks scrumptious!!!