Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day Eighty Nine 2013

Chasing Chicks
Grandson Knox got to meet two of his cousin Shelby and Elijah’s Easter chicks this afternoon. He had a great time chasing them.
And almost catching them.
He didn’t get to hold one [for obvious reasons] but he did happily and briefly pet one. Shelby and Elijah have six chicks. Elijah named his Junior, Bob, and Mario. Shelby named hers Shelly, Lou Lou, and Chicketa [my favorite name of all]. All the peeps [bird and human] will be joining us for the Easter egg hunt in the back yard on Sunday. We’re hoping the rain will be gone by then.


Ann S. said...

How cute! I knew Knox was going to have a blast with those baby chicks :0) Way to go, Shelb and Elijah for giving them such great names! I hope you guys have great weather for your egg hunt tomorrow!

Ann S. said...

Love Knox's camo pants. Uncle T would be proud :0)

Jane said...

Cute! I do love the names for the chicks! The weather isn't cooperating for an egg hunt. :(