Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day Eighty Two 2013

[Ever Lovin Saturday![
Neil and I spent several hours this afternoon and evening with daughter Kelly, son in law Kerry and grandson Knox, who has really grown since we saw him almost three weeks ago.
His new favorite thing to do is lift this jug of detergent and carry it from the laundry room into the kitchen and back again.
By the way he grunts and groans when he’s picking it up, you’d think it was full and weighed a hundred pounds. We told him how big and strong he is, which pleased him to no end. So he kept doing it, over and over. Major cuteness.
We enjoyed a yummy lunch at The Chop House and got to sit beside the fireplace which didn’t really need to be going since the day was so mild. Knox had fun playing with cell phones and noodles. He had my phone to his ear at one point, like he was listening to somebody. He may have made a call for all I know. I would have taken his picture when he was doing this but he was using my phone.
He LOVES to be outside, and he LOVES to play with brooms.
He had more fun than pint sized human beings should be allowed to have on a Saturday afternoon.
He’ll sweep your porch for free any day of the week.
We went for a brief stroll around the neighborhood where you might hear/see a barking dog. Or even a moo cow or two. There’s a big farm close by.
He’s learning to feed himself with a spoon.
And doing a most excellent job, landing those spaghetti O’s right where they’re supposed to be.
Son in law Kerry worked hard all day (and all week) but stopped by Toots for some take out supper of chicken and fries and big fat onion rings, which is a treat for Neil and me since we don’t have a Toots any more. Thanks, Kerry! We enjoyed the meal and enjoyed those delicious dark chocolate brownies and ice cream and the whole time we got to spend with our far away peeps. And we especially enjoyed those sweet [wet] goodbye Knox kisses. Love you guys!


Kelly said...

Had a great time today!! Thanks for lunch and for just hangin out :). Cute pictures. He loves to show off his strong arms and sweeping skills ;)

Jane said...

I am dying from all this cuteness!!! Oh my goodness!! Can this child get any more precious? I love how he feeds himself, making sure it all gets in there! :) I must say, one of the pics (the one of him standing, kind of close up, with the broom) reminds me of Neil. Great pics. Glad you guys got to be together.

Ann S. said...

What Jane said :)