Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day Sixty Eight 2013

Ever Lovin Saturday
It’s back. DST. Sounds like a disease. Clocks don’t officially flip ahead until tomorrow, but I got a jump on the chore today. It’s ridiculous how many clocks are in this house.
In the mood to do something creative. Something I can eat when the creative process is done.
Such as cookies! Very creative. And delicious, too.
Time and temperature. {this is not real time ~ it is DST ~ however the temperature is really real. And this was on my shady front porch.} What a totally gorgeous day!
Spring is coming fast. I found this sweet and colorful Easter egg wreath at the Super Target in Smyrna a few weeks ago. Easter is only three weeks down the road, so I have some time to enjoy this on my front door.
Neil spent most of the day cleaning up the yard. After picking up tons of sticks and limbs, he found out his wood chipper is on the fritz. So he clipped bushes and weeded, getting ready for some much needed mulch.
10 more days! And don’t forget to spring forward with those clocks before you hit the hay tonight.
The weather people predicted sunshine for today. I guess it was sunny somewhere on earth. Our sun was mostly behind clouds. It did manage to make an appearance at the end of the day and made quite the sunburst shining through my front door and reflecting off the wood floor.
Hope your Saturday was shiny and bright.


Jane said...

Yeah, DST - blah! I have to go to bed shortly just to get my allotted sleep for the night. Cookies look yummy! And I love your wreath! When I see the thermometer, I think "It's always 80 degrees at Morningside!" :) Happy (almost) Spring!

Kelly said...

It was nice today! Too bad we spent most of it in doors. Kerry had Knox last night and they were up most of it. We all slept til 9:30. Knox was down for a nap by noon and up after 2. We didn't get outside til 4. Crazy day. We did get Blizzards!! Wish we were joining you for cookies instead! Sleep well everyone!

Ann S. said...

I love your Easter wreath! The cookies look majorly yummy! DST doesn't really bother me. I love that extra hour or two of daylight. Terry doesn't usually get home until 5:45 and it's still light so we can walk or get some stuff done outside.