Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day Sixty Five 2013

I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.
~Mae West
I think we’ve had more snow days in March than we’ve had the entire winter. [this makes me think of the first moon landing for some reason ~ one small step]
Lunch at Ocha today with daughter Holly, grandson Knox, daughter Kelly and hubby Neil.
Knox and his mom went back home today after spending the last several days with us. Miss you guys!


Ann S. said...

The sun in that first picture looks like an old man with white eyebrows, beard and mustache. Good to see that Holly is over her stomach crud. Sweet little Knox is just too cute! Wish we could see him more often!

Jane said...

I agree with Ann -- that sun wears the snow well! :) Love your "moon print", too. I miss seeing Shelby & Elijah in the pics. Where is Knox's food?? :)

kayranft said...

Knox loves Ocha carrots. The Ocha guy puts extra on Kelly's plate so she can share with him :) Shelby and Elijah were with Beverly yesterday. Missed them at lunch. They love Ocha.

Kelly said...

Mustache Sunny!
Wow, I look thrilled. I thought you'd already taken the picture. You've got to start counting us in or something LOL!!
Cute pic of Knox! He misses his Ma and Pa and Ocha carrots :)