Friday, April 5, 2013

Day Ninety Five 2013

T G I F !
Grandson Elijah got to take a stuffed animal to school today to sit on his desk ~ a real treat. He took ‘Cookie’, his new dog he got at Cracker Barrel the other night. ‘Cookie’ was decked out in Elijah’s skeleton bow tie ~ very manly.
Grandpeeps Elijah, Knox, and Shelby are always up for yummy frozen treats at Cream City Ice Cream Shop and Coffee House.
Daughter Kelly says ‘Where’s mine?’ She eventually ordered a scoop of pistachio ice cream.
Shelby got Tennessee Fudge and Cake Batter and shared a lick with Aunt Kelly ~ well, sort of.
Grandpa Neil shared his with Knox. Who knew this kid would love cheesecake and caramel ice cream.
I think Grandpa [Knox calls him ‘Pa’'] managed to get a few bites for himself.
Shelby’s ice cream was lip-lickin’ good. Elijah has been wanting a frozen hot chocolate. That’s what he ordered but he didn’t like it. It was mostly ice and you could barely taste the chocolate.
He got a second chance at a treat he could eat ~ Tennessee Fudge ice cream on a cone. Now that was good.
After our treats, we headed outside to play in the sunshine of this beautiful day. Knox is rarely without his Elmo these days.
All that brilliant sunlight knocked Elijah right off his feet.
They all love jumping on the trampoline. Shelby and Elijah are experts. Knox has gotten the hang of it pretty quickly.
Our cherry trees are blooming ~ my fave in the spring, especially against a backdrop of endless blue sky.
Bouncy Knox ~ and Elmo, too
Elijah flies through the air with the greatest of ease.
When Knox is on the trampoline, Shelby and Elijah try not to jump high or hard so Knox won’t go flying off into the deep blue and beyond. Fun times for these cousins.
Knox in elmo jams  4 5 13
Knox’s Aunt Holly bought him some Elmo jammies. What a happy way to end the day.
Happy TGIF, y’all!


Ann S. said...

Sweet peep pictures! I bet Knox won't want to take his new Elmo jammies off :) Aunt Holly did good!!

Jane said...

How fun!! That ice cream looks so good! Love those Elmo jammies. Good times! Beautiful day!

Kelly said...

It was a fun day day with yummy treats!!! Glad the sun was shining :)