Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day Ninety Nine 2013

At the car wash because the birds in my neighborhood just love to target my windshield [the whole car, actually]. That’s the price we pay for having trees. I enjoy a clean car~even if it lasts for only a little while.
Looks like I was the highest bidder on this pottery bowl at Dogapalooza in Dogwood Park this past Saturday. This was the only thing I bid on [ten bucks] and I didn’t really expect to get it. It’s shallow and considering the venue was probably designed as a dog or cat food bowl. Whatever. It was a nice surprise today. Can’t have too much pottery. Or bowls for that matter.
One of my favorite spring flowers. We used to have a yard full of tulips, but they’ve died out in recent years, and the yard man [Neil] has not planted any more. I’m happy to have these blooming now. Eye candy from God. Hope your day was blessed with a little random goodness.


Ann S. said...

Congrats on winning the pottery bowl! How cool. I've always wanted to plant tulips. I love them! Great randomness :)

Jane said...

Nice bowl! Glad you had winning bid! Our tulips have not made an appearance yet, but the leaves are starting to come up. I'm hoping the severe weather we might get won't beat them down.