Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day Ninety Seven 2013

Parting Shots
‘Pa’ and grandson Knox and Elmo going for a walk Saturday morning. Knox has a monkey with a long tail riding on his back like a backpack, which is a very clever leash to keep the kiddo from running willy nilly into the street.
Knox and his mom headed back home this afternoon after being with us for a little over a week. We enjoyed some coffee together (well, Knox enjoyed his tasty yogurt snack) before they hit the road. He watched a slide show on my iPad, while the big folk enjoyed this beautiful day outside. It’s always hard to see them go.
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Wishing everyone a wonderful week!


Ann S. said...

It was a nice surprise when Kelly and Knox stopped by the house this afternoon on their way home. Knox needed a diaper change. He had fun with Bullet. Glad we got to spend a little extra time with them :0) Great shots as always! Thanks again for the cool bookmark and picture to frame. That will definitely go up on my Beatles wall!

Jane said...

It's nice to see your smiling face on here! Nice pics!

kayranft said...

Thanks, Jane :)
Ann, glad you liked the Beatles 'Mr. Kite' picture and bookmark :) And glad you got to spend some time with Kelly and Knox.