Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day One Hundred 2013

It’s 84 degrees outside. The air conditioning in my car is not working. My windows are rolled down. It feels like a hundred degrees while waiting at stoplights. Suddenly, my car makes a beeline for the drive-through at the local DQ, as though it has a mind of its own! There’s only one sane thing to do, so I do it. Freezing cold vanilla milkshake [with whipped cream and a cherry on top] = instant air conditioning. Yes!


Ann S. said...

I have only one word for this picture-YUM!!!!

Kelly said...

De-lish!! We stopped by Starbucks for Frapps :) then headed to the park. Knox had fun on the swings and slid down the slide a couple times. Big smiles :)

Jane said...

T'was a great day for a delicious milkshake! Your car made a great decision! :)