Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day One Hundred Thirteen 2013

Pointed my camera at the bird feeder this afternoon, waiting for this dove to fly away so I could snap a bird-in-flight picture. But she sat there. And sat there. Until my arms got tired of holding the camera. Is it just me, or are doves the dumbest winged creatures? Or am I the dumbest armed creature, waiting for this dumb bird to fly away so I can take a picture? She sat there for so long that I thought, She’s got nowhere to be. Which made me think of a line from one of my favorite John Denver songs, appropriately titled Fly Away.
In this whole world there's nobody as lonely as she   There's nowhere to go and there's nowhere that she'd rather be
Stupid dove. [stupid human]


Jane said...

I about ran over a dove the other day because it wouldn't fly away! :) I have often thought they are very dumb birds.

Kelly said...

They are a little stupid. I think they mate for life and nurse their babies. Kinda sweet.

Ann S. said...

I put Safflower seed in our feeders to keep the grackles away. The Doves love that stuff. Actually they hog the feeders. Sometimes they just lay in one of the feeders and pig out. I have to go out and run them off so the other birds can have a chance. They are kind of stupid, but sweet birds.