Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day One Hundred Forty One 2013

I am crazy proud of these two. Grandson Elijah has all A’s for the school year. Shelby has all A’s for the school year, minus one. Math tripped her up a bit this year, but that’s OK. When I was their ages, I would have been thrilled with these grades. They’ll be moving on up come the end of July ~ Shelby to 7th grade and Elijah to 2nd grade. Oh, how time flies! But for now, school’s out for summer. Time to relax and have some fun and look forward to that beach trip coming at them in June. So proud of you both! Love you!


Jane said...

Wow!!! Way to go, guys!! Keep up those good grades and enjoy the (short!) summer!

Ann S. said...

Congratulations and way to go Shelby and Elijah! So proud of the both of you. Now go and enjoy being out of school!