Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day One Hundred Twenty Eight 2013

Peonies are budding in my back yard.
Neighbor kitty Lily followed me around while I snapped some pics. She’s always on the go~a constant blur.
I wish we had more of these dark purple Irises. I really like that yellow stripe.
Peony bud looks like a swirly little planet. The flowers smell so good.
I have no idea what these are but I like them. They grow on a vine.
Azaleas are one of my faves, too. God sure knew what He was doing when He made flowers, didn’t He?


Jane said...

Beautiful flowers! Our Peonies are getting ready to bloom, too. Love their smell! (Missed you guys at church tonight)

Ann S. said...

You guys have so many pretty flowers in your yard. I love Peonies and will have them in my yard someday :0) Do they have to have full sun? Beautiful and colorful pictures! Love them all!

Kay R. said...

Thanks, Ann and Jane. Neil says Peonies need full sun, but you could check first to make sure. They're pretty and smell heavenly.

Kelly said...

Wow!! Awesome pics!!! I can almost smell through my iPad ;)